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This is the new and improved version of KSOT, which was designed to read more like a guide that you would find on GameFAQs. The change was prompted by a desire to give the site a more updated feel, given that the original site used standards from 20 years ago. Now, instead of reading one giant HTML page, each main section has been broken up into its own page to facilitate both readability and faster update times.

What happened to KSOT?

This version of KSOT was built using the Material for Mkdocs templating engine, as I have neither the time nor inclination to build a single-page application from scratch using Angular or React. Mkdocs provided absolutely everything I needed when I made the decision to convert KSOT into a SPA; all that was required was a few tweaks to some of the back-end, applying the well-known stylesheet, and creating the pages themselves.

If you wish to view the old KSOT in all of its original glory, you can do so by visiting the following link: Classic KSOT

Bear in mind that this link was included merely to serve as an archive to preserve the old look and feel of KSOT (and to pay homage to the people who maintained KSOT before me); no updates will be made to the archive version.

Version History

This site was last updated on 6 May 2022. Recent changes:

Click here to view the site changelog.


Click on any link below to be taken to that page's content. Alternatively, use the sidebar to navigate to the desired page.

  1. Intro
  2. Newbie Questions
  3. Banned Words List
  4. The Moderators
  5. Damn Posting Limits
  6. Secret Boards
  7. Board User-Level Requirements
  8. KoS
  9. Miscellaneous Questions
  10. GameFAQs Related Links
  11. Contact & Credit
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